photo-1444681179373-730055ddc7b6Kids don’t come with instructions, which is why RCPC offers parenting education classes, groups, workshops, and both local and national resources for the entire community.

Check out the links to the left for upcoming classes, groups and other educational events. The RCPC staff is also available to provide various workshops and trainings for your business or organization. For additional information or to register for a class, workshop or group, please contact Hayley Tiger at or 907-456-9002.

If you do not find what you need, consider a visit to our lending library Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Check out books and videos on topics such as positive discipline, sibling rivalry, loving your teenager, becoming a new parent and so much more. If you need assistance with a specific parenting issue, our staff is always willing to assist.

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The Family Services Department provides family contact services, parenting education, and coordination of necessary supports to families who have an open case with OCS due to significant safety risks and have their children place in out-of-home care.

For more information about our services, please see the program brochure or contact department staff at 907-456-9030.

The RCPC Facebook page is a forum where parents, guardians, and care providers can look for information and upcoming activities offered by RCPC’s programs on parent education, nutrition and raising healthy and happy children.


If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on our website, please call RCPC and we’re happy to help you find the community resource that best fits your needs! You can reach RCPC staff Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. by calling 456-9002 or 456-9030.

You can also visit a local online resource at or a statewide online resource at, where you’ll find information on parenting, your child’s health, early learning and care, resources for couples with kids, and recreational opportunities. The Fairbanks Families community calendar provides information on fun family events offered locally!

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There are many variables to consider besides age before leaving your child home alone or allowing him/her to become a baby sitter. By answering the following questions, you can determine rather quickly if your child is truly ready:

    • How responsible is your child?
    • How mature is your child?
    • How would your child act in an emergency?
    • How does your child answer the phone or door bell?
    • Does your child adhere to the boundaries and limits you set in your home?

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Workshops and classes are designed to provide information, support and resources for parents.

Click here to Download the Spring/Summer 2020 Virtual Classes brochure for more information.

Click here to Download the Nurturing Families Prenatal Program brochure for more information.

Click here to Download the Nurturing Fathers Program brochure for more information.

Instant Chef Program Instant Chef is a 3 hour class designed to teach cooking techniques using accessible food, effectively shopping strategies and meal planning on a budget. Each family that participates will receive an electric pressure cooker so they can replicate the skills they learn in class at home to create delicious meals in one pot. Families will be able to prepare cheaper cuts of meat, dried beans or even make broth from a leftover chicken.

Please contact Hayley Tiger at or 907-456-9002.

Please contact Hayley Tiger at or 907-456-9002 for more information.
Resource Center for Parents and Children partners with the State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services (OCS) to provide services to families in an effort to reunify families whose children are in state custody. The Family Services Program provides supervised visitation, home visitation, parenting education and family assessment. All referrals for services must come from OCS.

Program Goals Increase safety factors within the family Prevent and/or decrease the incidence of repeat maltreatment Increase family functioning Decrease the number of children entering State custody

Referral Process All referrals must come from OCS. A wait-list is maintained by OCS staff and client enter into the Family Services Program as openings become available. If you are interested in participating in the Family Services Program, speak with your OCS case worker to obtain a referral.

Family Reunification Program Families referred to the Family Reunification Program are families who have children in out of home placement due to state custody. The goal of the Family Reunification Program is to prepare parents to safely reunify with their children. Families will be assigned to a Family Services Worker (FSW), and will participate in an initial intake appointment. After the initial intake, the family and the FSW will begin the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale for Reunification (NCFAS-R). This assessment will identify strengths and areas in need of improvement. Families and their FSW will identify specific goals to facilitate reunification of the children with the family. An Initial Service Plan will be developed to outline these goals. After completing the intake, a Supervised Visit schedule will be developed between the FSW, the family, and the OCS worker. Along with Supervised Visits, families will be required to participate in skill building and support activities as well as periodic Home Visits, as appropriate. The Family Reunification Program also provides parenting education. Parents and the FSW will work together to determine topics on which the parent education will focus. This service is individualized for every family. The FSW will provide resources, education, modeling, and other forms of education in order to assist the family in meeting their goals.

Family Support Program The Family Support Program is a comprehensive, strength based program offering in-home support services for parents with children prenatal to age 12.

During weekly home visits, family support service workers provide information on child development, parenting education, community resource opportunities, and service coordination.

Program Services:

  • Weekly home visits
  • Parenting classes
  • Information on child development
  • Developmental Screenings for children ages 0-5
  • Parent Support and Engagement Activities
  • Transportation to necessary appointments and services as needed

For more information contact Hayley Tiger at or 907-456-9002.