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  • Community Resources RCPC Fairbanks

    Community Resources

    We have a great in-office resource: our bulletin boards! Now that information is available to you here on our community resources page. Check back often for the latest happenings around town for everyone in the family. Below are additional resources: Community Education Classes: Workshops and classes are designed to provide information, support

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  • Ma Poole Lending Library at RCPC Fairbanks

    Ma Poole Lending Library

    Another great resource at RCPC is a lending library of up-to-date and time-tested parenting information including books, videos, and articles about a variety of parenting topics. Looking for ideas for a fun birthday party? How about developmental information about four-year-olds? Is sibling rivalry a real challenge in your family? The

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  • Breastfeeding Information

    Breastfeeding, the Best Choice Good nutrition is important throughout our lives. It is especially important during infancy and childhood because of its effect on growth and development. Breast milk is good nutrition. It protects your baby from illness and infection and promotes his brain development. Many of the important ingredients

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