Are you interested in becoming an RCPC Board Member?

The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the Resource Center for Parents and Children. As a member of the board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the organization and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization.

Directors are nominated and selected by the Board of Directors.  Directors serve for a two-year term and may be re-elected for additional terms.


  • Regularly attend RCPC Board Meetings and important related meetings. If unable to attend, notify the Board Chair or the Executive Director of absence.
  • Stay informed about committee matters and prepare for meetings by reviewing and commenting on minutes and reports.
  • Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.
  • Participate actively on at least one committee per year.
  • Enhance community awareness about child abuse and neglect and promote the organization.
  • Participate in fundraising for the agency.
  • Lead fundraising efforts by example. This includes making an annual donation that is meaningful to you.
  • Offer personal skills and expertise to RCPC and build a collegial working relationship with other board members and staff representatives that contribute to consensus.
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