Staff Directory

Administration: (907) 456-2866, Option 5

Leigh Bolin, Executive Director

Nadia Riley, Finance Manager

Grace Vaughn, Finance Clerk

Family Education Directory: (907) 456-2866, Option 4

Nicole Tozer, Program Manager

Cinda Joseph, Family Contact Services

Dawn Koeller, Circles of Support

Jeanette Acker, Family Support

Stevie’s Place: (907) 374-2850

Desiree’ Macz, Program Manager

Linda Sato, Family Advocate

Jess Biggs, Family Advocate

Jessica Searles, Family Advocate

Agnes Brockmeyer, Program Assistant

WIC: (907) 456-2990

Paige Dougherty, Program Manager/RD

Kiana Norris, Outreach Coordinator/Nutrition Educator

Kara Welch, Nutrition Educator

Kaylynn Ingram, Nutrition Educator

Dayanara Falcon, Program Assistant

Sydney Nordby, Program Assistant

April Peterson

Ashley Boston

Coral Ben-Atar

Kourtny Sible

Niki Alford

Board of Directors

  • Steve Meckel, Board President
  • Marjorie Richards, Secretary
  • Kristin Baysinger, Vice-President
  • Karen Clark, Treasurer
  • Kelly Atlee, Board Officer
  • Kelly Gitter, Board Officer
  • Kim Gaustad, Board Officer
  • Angel Peger, Board Officer

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