WIC Recipes

WIC Recipes RCPC Fairbanks

Need ideas? These links and recipes will help you find ways to prepare nutritious and get creative with fruits and vegetables. Before you shop, read up on how to select the best fruits and vegetables.

Click on the following links for recipes. Included is information about the selection and storage of produce used in each recipe. Click here to print a handy measurement equivalent sheet or a list of cooking terms.

Instant Chef Program
Instant Chef is a 3 hour class designed to teach cooking techniques using accessible food, effectively shopping strategies and meal planning on a budget. Each family that participates will receive an electric pressure cooker so they can replicate the skills they learn in class at home to create delicious meals in one pot. Families will be able to prepare cheaper cuts of meat, dried beans or even make broth from a leftover chicken. Learn More

External Recipe Links:

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FamilyFun.com: Kids’ recipes and healthy snacks for even the picky eater.

Kids in the Kitchen: Sites with recipes and fun stuff for kids who like to cook.

AllRecipes.com: Your complete resource for recipes and cooking tips.

National Agricultural Library: Ethnic and Cultural Recipes and Nutrition Information