Fairbanks Food Resources

Self Paced Guides & Fact Sheets

The WIC Self Paced Nutrition, Breastfeeding, and Healthy Living Lessons are great self paced lessons that will help you make the best choices when cooking or buying food. Download and study these helpful guides:

Nutrition/ Breastfeeding / Healthy Living
Healthy Recipes

Related Community Resources Contacts

Preview or print the RCPC WIC phone list for related resources in and around Fairbanks. Includes contact information for organizations providing services to meet the following needs:

Education Eielson Air Force Base Resources Emergency Numbers
Food/Basic Needs Fort Wainwright Resources Health/Medical
Parenting Transportation Social Services


Fairbanks Food Program

Click here to preview and download more information (including eligibility, rules, distribution, and location and dates) for the following local food programs:


TEFAP Ready-to-Eat-Meals
CSFP Food Box Program
Food Stamp Program Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program