Community Resources

Community Resources RCPC Fairbanks

We have a great in-office resource: our bulletin boards!
Now that information is available to you here on our community resources page. Check back often for the latest happenings around town for everyone in the family. Below are additional resources:

Community Education Classes: Workshops and classes are designed to provide information, support and resources for parents.

Click here to Download the Winter 2021-22 Virtual Classes brochure for more information. 

Click here to Download the Prenatal Program brochure for more information

Click here to Download the Nurturing Fathers Program brochure for more information

Parenting Links

Tanana Valley Clinic Classes: Breastfeeding, Childbirth and more…

Northstar Youth Parent-Teen Mediation

An alternate approach to conflict resolution. Phone: 457-6798

Soldier & Family Life Consultants (SFLC)

Solution oriented consultations to individual, couples, & families. Call (907) 388-2553 for appointments & more info.

“Ch’eghutsen”/ Athabascan Parenting video

This video emphasizes raising a healthy family within the traditional Athabascan values set forth by Elders from Interior Alaska villages, including respect for Elders and others, respect for the land, love for children, honesty and fairness, humor and cooperation and responsibility to village among others, the video provides excellent resources for guiding families. Download an order form.

Sling Recycling Program

Want to carry your baby comfortably? You need a sling! Can’t afford one? Let us help you! The Natural Wisdom Project collects gently used slings and redistributes them to those who may not otherwise be able to purchase a sling. To contribute or to see if we have a sling that is right for you, please contact the Natural Wisdom Project at 456-1437.

Healthy Relationship Skills – Changing Patterns

IAC offers this class for adult female victims of domestic violence. This is a 37-week class held in the first floor meeting room, and is currently open to any women who has ever experienced domestic violence. The class is FREE and child care is provided. Location: 726 26th Avenue, Ste 1 / Questions? Call Shannon at 374-8612. Tuesdays from 6 PM to 8 PM or Fridays from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Successful Breastfeeding

Learn how to get a good start breastfeeding your baby, when and who to call for help if challenges arise, and the risks of not breastfeeding. This class is recommended fro last trimester expectant parents. Have your questions answered by a lactation expert. Class schedule: 4th Tuesday of every month from 6 to 8 PM. Sessions held at the Tanana Valley Clinic in the 3rd floor Conference room. RSVP to private voicemail: 451-1629. FREE. Brought to you by the Fairbanks Regional Public Health Center and the Tanana Valley Clinic.