About RCPC

buildingThe Resource Center Parents and Children (RCPC) has grown in size, strength, and commitment since 1973, when it was started by a small group of concerned Fairbanks citizens who met as the Fairbanks Child Protection Task Force (FCPTF) to discuss the problems of child abuse and neglect in the Fairbanks community.

Over the years our programs and services have varied; however, all have focused on the same mission. The prevention of child abuse and neglect begins with strengthening the family structure, helping parents with parenting skills, and providing a safe place for parents to share and deal with parenting issues. The Resource Center for Parents and Children has been successful due to quality staff, programs and countless volunteers and social service agency partners. To all that have shared in our agency’s history, thank you.

Our Address

726 26th Avenue, Suite 2, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
Phone: (907) 456-2866  |  Fax: (907) 451-8125

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Staff Directory

Administration: 456-2866

James “Scooter” Welch, Executive Director jwelch@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 107
Nadia Riley, Finance/HR Manager nriley@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 118
Bonita Brees, Finance Clerk, bbrees@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 132

Family Education Services: 456-2866

Anna Maguire, Program Manager amaguire@rcpcfairbanks.org 456-9030 Ext 130
Stephanie Portillo, Family Service Worker sportillo@rcpcfairbanks.org 456-9016 Ext 116
Dakota Grende, Family Service Worker dgrende@rcpcfairbanks.org 456-9029 Ext 129
Hayley Tiger, Family Support Worker htiger@rcpcfairbanks.org 456-9002 Ext 102

Stevie’s Place: 374-2850

Lori Markkanen, Program Manager lmarkkanen@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 168
Samantha Benfit, Family Advocate sbenfit@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 171
Alyssa Widby, Family Advocate awidby@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 162

Fairbanks Staff: 456-2990

Aimee Duncan, RD – Program Coordinator aduncan@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 153
Desiree Macz, Office Manager dmacz@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 152
Heather Campbell, Registered Dietitian hcampbell@rcpcfairbanks.org
Sheila Ellis, Nutrition Educator sellis@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 151
Agnes Brockmeyer, Program Assistant abrockmeyer@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext. 101
Areli Basilio, Program Assistant abasilio@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext 101
Katherine Fortenberry, Program Assistant kfortenberry@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext. 101
Lorena Ospina, Program Assistant aospina@rcpcfairbanks.org Ext. 101
Peggy Sullivan msullivan@rcpcfairbanks.org
Nikki Walker, Program Assistant nwalker@rcpcfairabnks.org Ext. 101

Jennifer Willeford, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Coordinator / IBCLC jwilleford@rcpcfairbanks.org (907) 888-7144
Alison Munoz, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor amunoz@rcpcfairbanks.org (907) 888-7145
Brittany Frias, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor bfrias@rcpcfairbanks.org (907) 388-7319
Teri Hahn, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor thahn@rcpcfairbanks.org (907) 378-5140

Board of Directors

  • Steve Meckel, Board President
  • Karen Clark, Treasurer
  • Kristin Baysinger, Secretary
  • Margie Richards, Board Officer
  • Kelly Atlee, Board Officer

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